Mon 25 December 2017

Managing tasks, time, and making sure one takes a break: Integrating Taskwarrior, Timewarrior, and Gnome Pomodoro

Posted by ankur in Tech (1141 words, approximately a 5 minute read)

As the amount of work increases, it becomes ever so more important to manage time and work in an efficient way. So, there's Taskwarrior for managing tasks, Timewarrior for tracking them, and Gnome Pomodoro for making sure one takes regular breaks and doesn't let the long hours affect their health in a bad way.


Tue 19 September 2017

Writing LaTeX well in Vim

Posted by ankur in Tech (921 words, approximately a 4 minute read)

Vim is a great text editor and LaTeX is a great document writing system. Since I write a lot of LaTeX for my research, I've been adding various Vim plug-ins to make my writing easier over the years. This post documents some of these additions.


Mon 26 June 2017

A channel for neuroscientists on Gitter

Posted by ankur in Research (366 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

I've come across a few mailing lists for neuroscientists, but I couldn't find a chat channel. While mailing lists suit certain purposes, open source communities tend to use a combination of mailing lists and chat channels - each platform serves different purposes. TLDR: here's a new chat channel on Gitter here for everything neuroscience related. It is also accessible using the IRC and Riot.


Tue 23 May 2017

Fedora Join meeting - 22 May 2017 - Summary and updates

Posted by ankur in Tech (742 words, approximately a 3 minute read)

A summary of the Fedora Join SIG meeting we had on 22nd May, 2017. We discussed the ongoing resurrection of the IRC classroom programme, and then went on to discuss various video platforms that can be used for the Classroom v2 initiative. Both classroom programmes are aimed at seasoned contributors passing their knowledge on to newer ones. The IRC classrooms are text only (because they're held over the IRC) and this limits the breadth of topics that can be covered here. The new v2 initiative on the other hand, is aimed at using newer, more powerful platforms to host better sessions with more variety. There's much work to be done, and you can help!