Research Profile

I'm a computer science major that has migrated over to computational neuroscience over the years. Currently, I research plasticity---structural, and synaptic, Hebbian, and homoeostatic---and associative memory.

Among other tools, I use the NEST neural simulator quite a bit. I prefer Python to Matlab, and Open source software to proprietary tools in general.


Research Fellow at the Silver Lab at UCL

(March 2020 - present)

I am currently a research fellow at the Silver Lab at University College London. I work on the development of the Open Source Brain, and lots of other modelling based research.


Ph.D. candidate at UH Biocomputation

(2014 - present)

PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at the Biocomputation group at the University of Hertfordshire.

Supervisor: Dr. Volker Steuber

Masters by Research: UTS, Sydney

(2012 - 2014)

I completed my ME (by research) at the University of Technology, Sydney. I studied and modelled neuron sets that are related to navigation in the mammalian brain using the ROS robotic framework. I worked on head direction cells, place cells, grid cells, and boundary cells.

Supervisor: Dr. Jack Wang

Thesis: Bio inspired navigation in a mobile dynamic environment



I am a member of the Board of Directors for Organisation for Computational Neuroscience (OCNS), where I am in-charge of the web resources used by OCNS.

If you see an issue with any of the OCNS web resources, please let me know (or file an issue on Github here)

NeuroFedora: Free Software for Free Neuroscience

I am part of the team that builds and maintains NeuroFedora. Our goal is to provide a large set of neuroscience software to users in an easy, ready to use way---via the Fedora Linux distribution.


My resume can be found here.


My publications can be seen on a separate page.