Thu 02 February 2012

Using askfedora correctly

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I'm the one of the moderators of askfedora. Of late, I've seen a lot of new questions come in. I've observed that most of these do not make correct use of the forum and therefore am outlining the good practices of using it here:

  1. Search before you post: Search the …


Tue 17 January 2012

VIM Classroom for beginners repeat for APAC

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Hi there!

As promised, I'm going to repeat the VIM class for beginners tomorrow at 2100 IST (1530 UTC) to suit APAC. I'm going to cover more or less the same points I covered in the initial class. Please try and make it :)

The venue of course, is #fedora-classroom on …


Sat 24 December 2011

Happy holidays!

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Merry Christmas! by Kelvin Servigon, on Flickr"]Merry Christmas![/caption]

The subject says it all! Happy holiday season all! Enjoy Christmas and the new year!