Thu 23 February 2012

The "easyfix" key word for bugzilla

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I've been a package maintainer for quite a while now. Yet, it was just about a minute ago, that I learnt of the "easyfix" key word. Here's how I ran into it:

20:27  Is there a way to identify fedora bugs on bugzilla which can be dealt by people with basic knowledge of fedora and open source concepts....something like gnome-love for gnome
20:34  cc__: look for the 'easyfix' keyword in bugzilla.
20:34  that seems good...easyfix

It's a really good way of marking simpler bugs. Like the above scenario shows, it also helps new people get started at times. If you didn't already, do mark simpler bugs with the "easyfix" keyword.

Another point this brings out is the vast amounts of information that the #fedora IRC channel has.I have personally learnt quite a bit from the ninjas that lurk in the channel. It's a great place to exchange knowledge amongst ourselves.

To look at all "easyfix" bugs, the URL would be:

Do spread the word!

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