Sun 07 April 2013

Extracting raw data from ros topics

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Recently, I needed to extract raw data that we had collected from the PR2 robot. It's easy to collect data from topics, using the rosbag tool. You can collect data from multiple topics in one bag at a time.

Here's an example command that collects data from the robot:

rosbag …


Sat 06 April 2013

New blog and website

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I've finally taken the leap and gotten myself some hosting space. I've set up a wordpress instance and moved my blog data already. I just changed the planet feed.

To personal hosting space! Cheers!


Thu 04 April 2013

Of laptops and workstations

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I absolutely love my laptop. I spend pretty much my entire day at my laptop, whether I'm working on Fedora related tasks, or on my research tasks. Now, spending this much time with my laptop has generated a special affection in me for this object. Generally, the laptop does reciprocate …


Thu 28 March 2013

ROS groovy on Fedora 18

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ROS? What is ROS?

ROS is the Robot Operating System. It provides a huge set of software that can be used to robotics research. It provides simulators, algorithms and well, a lot more. For example, it lets one interface with the PR2 robot!

I've only learnt of ROS now, during …


Thu 07 March 2013

I really like Gnome3

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The subject says it all. Since Gnome3 was released, or even in the works, all I've read about it is negative. I assume there must be posts that compliment it too, but forever reason, I've only run into what is now termed "Gnome bashing". I'm not going analyse why people …


Fri 22 February 2013

Free-media in Australia: Pricing

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2013-02-22 12.25.52

I finally got down to getting my infrastructure set up to send out media here in Australia. I've bought and burnt the DVDs already. I went out to the post office today and found out what the cheapest method of mailing single DVDs would be. Here's a cost breakup:

Item …