Wed 04 September 2013

Minutes from last night's Fedora Medical IRC meeting

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The meeting last night was a really good one. We got quite a few details sorted. We're finally moving towards creating a live image that we can give out to folks to try and give us feedback on.

The links that zodbot generated for us are:


HTML minutes

Text log

Text minutes

I stupidly used #task instead of #action, and therefore the minutes have no action items at all. I'll put the action items below:

Action items: work to be done

  1. FranciscoD update fedora medical trac tickets to reflect current state of packages
  2. sjodogne open ticket for 3D slicer
  3. FranciscoD open a trac ticket also, so that folks who didn't make it to the meeting can comment and make suggestions
  4. mrceresa package and start review of seg3d2
  5. mrceresa file new trac ticket for seg3d2
  6. FranciscoD get in touch with design team spin wrangler and request a post on how the spin is made
  7. sebp SSlater sjodogne FranciscoD : catch hold of any new volunteers who'd like to help and get them started

Plans in a nutshell

We've already packaged up most of the software that is required for the creation of a spin. The one issue is that we have multiple use cases. At the meeting, we identified two:

  1. Medical practitioners
  2. Researchers

Please read the logs for complete details on this classification.

The idea currently is to package up the higher priority packages and make two unofficial spins. We'll then use these unofficial spins to collect feedback and further improve our package set. The improved package set will then be proposed as an official Fedora Medical spin. It's still a far way off, but it's good to at least get started on it.

We need more help!

Here are areas that you can help us out in:

  1. Package maintainers: we need quite a few more package maintainers who can help us maintain all this software in Fedora. If you're not yet a package maintainer, you can start by co-maintaining a package. Just drop us an email and we'll help you get started.
  2. Spin wrangler: sebp and sslater are already looking into this, but we can always use a few more hands here. This entails creating a fedora spin and testing that it boots etc. just fine. I'm going to get in touch with the Spins SIG and see if we can just use the fedora system to generate these for us too, so the work here would probably not be very complex. I just don't want to start it myself since I might not have cycles to keep up with it
  3. Testers: Folks that just download and see if the software on these spins actually work and give us valuable feedback
  4. Trac wrangler: Just someone who'll keep an eye on the trac, update milestones etc. and keep everyone on their toes about tickets!

We'll try and keep working on the spins now. Join us if you have the cycles! Cheers!

EDIT: I hang around in #fedora-medical on Freenode. Ping me if you have something to talk about!

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