Thu 29 August 2013

What have I been up to in Fedora lately?

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The general stuff

This is stuff that I do all year around, mostly on a daily basis. This comprises of:

    • Package maintenance: updates/bugfixes etc.
    • Testing: Giving karma to packages from updates-testing and filing bugs
    • On Ask Fedora: retagging, answering questions that I know, cleaning up spam posts, some infrastructure tasks if they crop up
    • On #fedora: hang out, help folks when possible
    • Ambassadors: the usual: meetings, discussions, budget approvals, trac tickets
  • Fedora Join SIG: talking and helping any folks that want to contribute to Fedora. I seem to be most busy keeping spam from the mailing list at the moment here.

There aren't any big projects in this section.

Fedora Medical

I'm trying to have an IRC meeting for contributors of the Fedora medical SIG. The idea is to get everyone, and folks who aren't yet involved but would like to be, together to discuss the current state of the package set and future goals. The agenda that I sent to the mailing list is:

      1. Currently packaged software
      2. Pending software
      3. Software in the review list
      4. Software not yet packaged at all
      5. Software to be included in the Fedora Medical Spin
      6. Details like what desktop should it be based on (default package set)
      7. Do we have some folks who can work on making an unofficial spin for the time being? (until we make it an official spin)
      8. Do we have any users we can give this media out too for feedback?
      9. Do we need to maintain documentation on how this software is to be used? Fedora docs? Wiki pages?
      10. Who's working on what?
      11. Any new folks who'd like to join in and help out!

If you intend to attent the meeting, please fill in your preferred slot here by Sunday, September 1.

Fedora robotics

I've been recently trying to package up ROS Groovy as a software collection for Fedora. My previous blog post (which didnt' show up on the planet for some reason) has more details on this.


I do keep bouncing around other Fedora tasks too. I pitch in to the marketing team when I can. I'm not a designer at all, but I did make a video for Ask Fedora that Nitesh is editing currently.

It's not much, but it's a lot more than I should be doing as a grad student ;)

I recently stepped down as elections wrangler. Being in Sydney, my time zone doesn't doesn't go well with election activities. Most of the nominees are from EMEA or NA, and I can't wake up at 4am to help with the town halls again. It took me a week to reset my sleep cycle. With my course climaxing, I can't afford this again this year.

If you're interested in any of the tasks that I work on, drop me an e-mail and I'll help you get started.

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