Mon 17 October 2016

On jargon

Posted by ankur in Research (1311 words, approximately a 6 minute read)

When we speak of jargon, it is usually because we heard something we couldn't make sense of. We focus on how it adversely affects the listener. The truth is, it also affects the speaker if the speaker does indeed intend to get the point across. In this post I discuss how it affects my work and me and I try to document what I can do to improve my communications to make it easier for my listeners and me to understand each other correctly.


Sat 27 August 2016

Quickly scripting a grid-search for parameter tuning

Posted by ankur in Research (1299 words, approximately a 6 minute read)

Finding the right set of parameters is quite important in a lot of research - machine learning and computational neuroscience are two fields that I know of. I recently had to ascertain the optimal parameter set for my simulations too. I came up with a quick script to do it for me.


Sat 05 March 2016

Calliope - helping you keep a diary - in LaTeX!

Posted by ankur in Research (491 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

Most researchers keep a research journal where we note down our musings, notes and so on. While a paper diary is still quite common, I'd really prefer something on my laptop/computer. There are various applications out there for journal writing, but none of them really match up to good old LaTeX. I've written a simple script that makes it really easy to maintain a journal using LaTeX - Calliope.