Wed 29 July 2015

CNS 2015 - Day 0

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I recently attended the conference for computational neuroscience (CNS 2015) in Prague. This post is a summary of the event. These have not been proofread at all. They're just what I noted during the conference.


Thu 20 May 2010

Day 1 at the IISc

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Today is Day 1 of my 2 month internship at the IISc.

I'm at the department of Computer Science and Automation and the place is awesome! The corridors are filled with labs. They have white boards citing quotes from scientists and contributors. I came across quotes from Stroustrup, CAR Hoare …


Fri 06 November 2009

Codechef Campus SnackDown

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Okay, this post is to do with my life out of the Fedora community.

Here's a mail I got from CodeChef . The contest is only for Indian students this time, and weirdly enough falls right in between my end sem exams. :(

Hi Ankur, I’m writing to let you know …