Tue 28 May 2024

Week 21 update

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Other stuff

I lost my tabs the other day. I was tinkering with my Qutebrowser configuration, and I opened the browser but saved the session and quit it before all the tabs had loaded. This meant that the next time I opened it, all the tabs were completely blank. Bug? Not really---I needed to either have waited for the session to load, or I should've quit without saving a partially loaded session.

The silver lining is that I've closed 100 tabs with research papers that I'd had open for the past year but not managed to read. So, a clear up of sorts.

Returned Sony earbuds

I'd bought myself a set of WF-C700N ear buds some time ago. I'd seen a few reviews. They won the What Hi-Fi award in 2023, so they seemed a good buy.

They're very good sound wise for their price, but unfortunately, they turned out to be very buggy. The right ear bud would just not turn on a lot of the time. The docs suggested re-initialising them to fix the issue, and while it did fix the issue for a bit, the right earbud would go off again and not turn back on. I did this a few times, but it became increasingly annoying. Heading out on my commute only to find that the right earbud had stopped working again was really not fun. On top of that, I couldn't reliably re-initialise them each time. Sometimes the reinitialising process wouldn't work.

A search showed me that lots of users were experiencing this, with multiple folks on Reddit confirming the issue and suggesting returning the earbuds. I persevered and tried various things on my Android phone too, but in the end nothing really fixed the issue. So, I've returned them too.

I shelled out a bit more and got the top of the line WF-1000XM5 ones now. They're double the price, and have much better sound quality and a few more features. So far, so good 🤞.

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