Thu 24 January 2019

New maintainers needed for these packages

Posted by ankur in Tech (333 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

I've recently realised that I am now busy enough to need to prioritise what tasks I undertake. Apart from my research work (PhD and related activities), I'd like to focus my time on NeuroFedora. Therefore, I'm giving up a lot of the packages that I've accrued over the years but no longer use. If any of these interest you, please take them from me. Otherwise, I will orphan them at the end of the month.

I am quite happy to mentor contributors who are not yet packagers to help them learn the necessary skills. You can become a package maintainer by helping to co-maintain packages, as documented here.

I have already e-mailed the devel mailing list, but also post here to ensure sufficient visibility of the note.

Orphaned (inactive upstreams or retired due to broken deps)

  • albumart: was retired, now orphaned
  • gtg: inactive upstream
  • labyrinth: inactive upstream
  • memaker: inactive upstream
  • pyode: dead package, py3ode is available but needs packaging
  • python-inlinestyler: retired, now orphaned
  • scout: inactive upstream
  • toothchart: inactive upstream
  • xword: inactive upstream

Looking for new (co)-maintainers:

  • axel: Light command line download accelerator
  • bibus: The bibus rpms
  • blobby: The blobby rpms
  • dcm4che-test: The dcm4che-test rpms
  • gitg: The gitg rpms
  • gnote: A note taking application for Gnome
  • gnumed: The GNUmed electronic medical record client
  • gtg: Getting Things GNOME!
  • hamster-time-tracker: A GTK3 time tracker
  • jigdo: The jigdo rpms
  • kapow: The kapow rpms
  • libgexiv2 A GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library
  • lifeograph: The lifeograph rpms
  • lingot: LINGOT Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner
  • mrpt: The mrpt rpms
  • nautilus-pastebin: The nautilus-pastebin rpms
  • nut-nutrition: The nut-nutrition rpms
  • openarena: The openarena rpms
  • openmolar: The openmolar rpms
  • OSGi-bundle-ant-task: The OSGi-bundle-ant-task rpms
  • Panini: Visual tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle photographs
  • prepaid-manager-applet: The prepaid-manager-applet rpms
  • pystache: The pystache rpms
  • python-baker: The python-baker rpms
  • python-django-post_office: The python-django-post_office rpms
  • python-django-stopforumspam
  • python-uri-templates: The python-uri-templates rpms
  • rssdler: RSS Broadcatcher for podcasts, videocasts, and torrent feeds
  • tagtool: The tagtool rpms
  • trash-cli: Command line interface to the trashcan
  • xmedcon: The xmedcon rpms