Sat 07 October 2017

Fedora Classroom: Git 101: report

Posted by ankur in Tech (379 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

I taught another Fedora Classroom this week, on Git 101. I used the IRC again since this session was to be another hands-on walkthrough. I reckon I've now learned that hands-on sessions go on longer than initially planned. This one lasted about three hours!

Some metrics

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Attendees: ~25 people
  • Sentences spoken: LOTS!


I didn't go much into the theory, and there's a lot of it in Git. Instead, I had made it my goal to walk the attendees through the usual Git workflow. So, that's exactly what we did. We started by setting up an empty repository, then added files to it, learned how to see changes and so on. Then, we moved on to branching.

Once we'd explored the advantages of using branches we started working with remotes. Everyone set up repositories on Pagure or Github. To end with, I got everyone to fork my repository and submit pull requests.

I think everyone got the hang of it. There were some good questions, a bit of discussion too. I do hope it'll get more people to use Git and contribute to different projects on Pagure or Github.

Feedback is always welcome

If you had attended the session, or have gone through the logs and have some feedback, please get in touch. You can use the Fedora classroom channels:

You can even comment on this blog post, and of course, you can give me feedback privately. I'm FranciscoD on quite a few Fedora IRC channels, and I can be reached via e-mail on my Fedora address at ankursinha AT fedoraproject DOT org. All suggestions, comments, criticism is most welcome.

More instructors needed!

The classroom sessions are going rather well, but we still need more help. We'd like to cover more topics from different areas, not just tech related- everything from design, to free software philosophy and community building! If there's anything at all you think is worth a classroom session, please get in touch with the team on the Fedora classroom mailing list. A log of all past sessions - whether on IRC or on a video platform are maintained on the wiki page here for everyone to peruse at their convenience.