Sat 04 March 2017

Fedora Free Media programme group refresh

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Fedorahosted closed down at the end of last month. Unfortunately, Free Media has quite a few components and we haven't been able to migrate the pipeline to Pagure completely yet. In fact, we've temporarily closed Free Media down for the moment - the form says so too. Since we're re-doing the complete process and the infrastructure, we also decided to refresh the membership list.

I'd e-mailed the mailing list and all members of the FAS informing them of this already. I've now gone ahead and cleared up the FAS group and the mailing list. In the new Pagure based workflow, this is the process to join the team:

  • File a ticket at the Housekeeping Pagure instance with [membership-request] in the title
  • In the ticket, please mention:
    • Your FAS
    • A link to your Fedora User wiki page
    • The e-mail address you'd like to subscribe to the mailing list with

An admin will accept the ticket, verify the information, and add you to the FAS group, Pagure group, and the mailing list.

There's a lot of work still to do before we can complete the migration and re-enable the Free Media programme. If you'd like to help out, please take a look at the open issues on the Housekeeping Pagure instance, or of course, get in touch with me. :)

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