Sun 05 February 2017

Fedora Join meeting 30 January 2017 - Summary and updates

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We had another constructive Fedora Join SIG meeting to kick off the new year. We're now working on what I refer to as "Stage 2": improve the visibility of the Fedora Join SIG outside the community so that newcomers may easily find us.

I'd sent out an e-mail with ideas to the mailing list to set the meeting up. Based on the comments from the thread, we put a list of things together that need to now be done.

Resurrect the classroom programme

We used to have regular classroom sessions a few years ago. These were incredibly helpful for community members that were looking to pick up new skills. In fact, I began my contributions to Fedora via a classroom session on packaging years ago! We'd really like to get these restarted. If you have some ideas or would like to help organise these, please comment on the ticket.

Ressurect the mentoring programme

We also had a mentoring system in place long ago and we'd like to resurrect it to aid newbies looking to join Fedora. It's quite useful to have a seasoned community member to turn to when one gets stuck.

If you'd like to help out with mentoring, please comment on the ticket. We're already looking to set it up in a way such that it's more sustainable - any suggestions and feedback here would be most helpful too.

Propose stage 2 to the Fedora Council as a project-level objective

Mattdm suggested we could propose Stage 2 to the council as a project level objective. This would make the entire process get a lot more visibility in and outside the community.

Help is always welcome, of course. More information is available on the ticket.

Fedora public facing web space audit

The aim here is to go through the Fedora websites and identify what the entry points for newbies maybe. We can then add information about Fedora Join to these pages to make it easier for them to find us.

We requested some folks from the websites and design teams to help us here, and Mo's been brilliant as usual to drop a detailed comment on how one should go about this audit. If you have the time, please help us out here. It isn't a technical task at all.

There's more

There's a lot more happening - please take a look at both the CommOps and the Join issue lists. You can always contact us on the IRC channel or the mailing list. You can always e-mail me at ankursinha AT fedoraproject DOT org for more information.

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