Mon 07 November 2016

Fedora Join meeting 7 November 2016 - Summary

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Today was another fortnightly Fedora Join SIG meeting. Since everyone was quite busy, I quickly followed up from last week's discussion to go over the IRC chat channel metrics. The idea was to see if our call for help on the Fedora announce mailing list had an effect.

As you'll see from the minutes, the reports I've generated using pisg and another tool I'm hacking up indicate that while the number of nicks in the channel hasn't increased all that much, the activity certainly has. We expect the channel to get even more animated once we begin to make newbies aware of our existence. Now that we've begun to inform the community of the channels, inviting newbies to them is the second phase of the plan that we've begun working on.

I expect to start a discussion over phase 2 on the mailing list this week, and in the next meeting in two weeks time, we'll hopefully have some actionable ideas.

If you're a contributor, please consider hanging out in the channels to help newbies that come looking for assistance on where, how, and what to start with:

Links to the meetbot logs are below:

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