Fri 25 September 2015

Hello from Fedora 23!

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Fedora 23

Hello from Fedora 23!

I just upgraded not one, not two, not three, but four of my Fedora systems using the dnf system-upgrade plugin and it worked like a charm in each case. Three were workstation installations while the last was a server installation, and I'm happy to report that after the upgrade, they're all alive and healthy!

I'm using Gnome on my Fedora system, so I now have the new Gnome 3.18 release. I haven't had any crashes yet - all the applications that I use frequently - Gnome Terminal, Evolution, Firefox, Nautilus, Revelation, Gnome Software, and a bunch of others seem to work just right.

This is going to be another marvellous Fedora release! Hurray!