Fri 26 June 2015

Scripting in Scribus

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Scribus is a well known tool that quite a few people use for creating documents. One of the more useful features in Scribus is the scripting support. I had quite a silly task at hand - we have some A5 forms that need to be filled in each month. I wanted to see if I could automate this somehow and ended up looking into Scribus. The documentation on scripting, while present, is quite difficult to learn from. The API documentation that they have isn't quite complete either from what I saw. I spent a couple of hours tinkering with it, and did manage to get my work done. This is how I got around to it:

Use the console

The best source of documentation is the Scribus scripting console itself (Script -> Show console). For example, if you want to get a list of all constants and functions available to you:

from scribus import *

['%', 'ALIGN_BLOCK', 'ALIGN_CENTERED', 'ALIGN_FORCED', 'ALIGN_LEFT', 'ALIGN_RIGHT', 'BUTTON_ABORT', 'BUTTON_CANCEL', 'BUTTON_IGNORE', 'BUTTON_NO', 'BUTTON_NONE', 'BUTTON_OK', 'BUTTON_RETRY', 'BUTTON_YES', 'CAP_FLAT', 'CAP_ROUND', 'CAP_SQUARE', 'COLOR', 'COLOR_BURN', 'COLOR_DODGE', 'DARKEN', 'DIFFERENCE', 'EXCLUSION', 'FACINGPAGES', 'FILL_CROSSDIAGONALG', 'FILL_DIAGONALG', 'FILL_HORIZONTALG', 'FILL_NOG', 'FILL_RADIALG', 'FILL_VERTICALG', 'FIRSTPAGELEFT', 'FIRSTPAGERIGHT', 'HARD_LIGHT', 'HUE', 'ICON_CRITICAL', 'ICON_INFORMATION', 'ICON_NONE', 'ICON_WARNING', 'ImageExport', 'JOIN_BEVEL', 'JOIN_MITTER', 'JOIN_ROUND', 'LANDSCAPE', 'LIGHTEN', 'LINE_DASH', 'LINE_DASHDOT', 'LINE_DASHDOTDOT', 'LINE_DOT', 'LINE_SOLID', 'LUMINOSITY', 'MULTIPLY', 'NOFACINGPAGES', 'NORMAL', 'NameExistsError', 'NoDocOpenError', 'NoValidObjectError', 'NotFoundError', 'OVERLAY', 'PAGE_1', 'PAGE_2', 'PAGE_3', 'PAGE_4', 'PAPER_A0', 'PAPER_A1', 'PAPER_A2', 'PAPER_A3', 'PAPER_A4', 'PAPER_A5', 'PAPER_A6', 'PAPER_A7', 'PAPER_A8', 'PAPER_A9', 'PAPER_B0', 'PAPER_B1', 'PAPER_B10', 'PAPER_B2', 'PAPER_B3', 'PAPER_B4', 'PAPER_B5', 'PAPER_B6', 'PAPER_B7', 'PAPER_B8', 'PAPER_B9', 'PAPER_C5E', 'PAPER_COMM10E', 'PAPER_DLE', 'PAPER_EXECUTIVE', 'PAPER_FOLIO', 'PAPER_LEDGER', 'PAPER_LEGAL', 'PAPER_LETTER', 'PAPER_TABLOID', 'PDFfile', 'PORTRAIT', 'Printer', 'SATURATION', 'SCREEN', 'SOFT_LIGHT', 'ScribusException', 'UNIT_C', 'UNIT_CENTIMETRES', 'UNIT_CICERO', 'UNIT_CM', 'UNIT_IN', 'UNIT_INCHES', 'UNIT_MILLIMETERS', 'UNIT_MM', 'UNIT_P', 'UNIT_PICAS', 'UNIT_POINTS', 'UNIT_PT', 'WrongFrameTypeError', '__builtin__', '__doc__', '__name__', '__package__', '_bu', '_ia', 'applyMasterPage', 'c', 'changeColor', 'closeDoc', 'closeMasterPage', 'cm', 'createBezierLine', 'createCharStyle', 'createEllipse', 'createImage', 'createLayer', 'createLine', 'createMasterPage', 'createParagraphStyle', 'createPathText', 'createPolyLine', 'createPolygon', 'createRect', 'createText', 'currentPage', 'defineColor', 'dehyphenateText', 'deleteColor', 'deleteLayer', 'deleteMasterPage', 'deleteObject', 'deletePage', 'deleteText', 'deselectAll', 'docChanged', 'duplicateObject', 'editMasterPage', 'exceptions', 'fileDialog', 'fileQuit', 'getActiveLayer', 'getAllObjects', 'getAllStyles', 'getAllText', 'getColor', 'getColorAsRGB', 'getColorNames', 'getColumnGap', 'getColumns', 'getCornerRadius', 'getDocName', 'getFillBlendmode', 'getFillColor', 'getFillShade', 'getFillTransparency', 'getFont', 'getFontNames', 'getFontSize', 'getGuiLanguage', 'getHGuides', 'getImageFile', 'getImageScale', 'getLayerBlendmode', 'getLayerTransparency', 'getLayers', 'getLineBlendmode', 'getLineCap', 'getLineColor', 'getLineJoin', 'getLineShade', 'getLineSpacing', 'getLineStyle', 'getLineTransparency', 'getLineWidth', 'getObjectType', 'getPageItems', 'getPageMargins', 'getPageNMargins', 'getPageNSize', 'getPageSize', 'getPageType', 'getPosition', 'getProperty', 'getPropertyCType', 'getPropertyNames', 'getRotation', 'getSelectedObject', 'getSize', 'getText', 'getTextColor', 'getTextDistances', 'getTextLength', 'getTextLines', 'getTextShade', 'getUnit', 'getVGuides', 'getXFontNames', 'getval', 'gotoPage', 'groupObjects', 'haveDoc', 'hyphenateText', 'importPage', 'inch', 'insertText', 'isLayerFlow', 'isLayerLocked', 'isLayerOutlined', 'isLayerPrintable', 'isLayerVisible', 'isLocked', 'isPDFBookmark', 'isSpotColor', 'linkTextFrames', 'loadImage', 'loadStylesFromFile', 'lockObject', 'mainWindow', 'masterPageNames', 'messageBox', 'messagebarText', 'mm', 'moveObject', 'moveObjectAbs', 'moveSelectionToBack', 'moveSelectionToFront', 'newDoc', 'newDocDialog', 'newDocument', 'newPage', 'newStyleDialog', 'objectExists', 'openDoc', 'p', 'pageCount', 'pageDimension', 'placeEPS', 'placeODG', 'placeSVG', 'placeSXD', 'progressReset', 'progressSet', 'progressTotal', 'pt', 'qApp', 'redrawAll', 'renderFont', 'replaceColor', 'retval', 'rotateObject', 'rotateObjectAbs', 'saveDoc', 'saveDocAs', 'savePageAsEPS', 'scaleGroup', 'scaleImage', 'scribus_version', 'scribus_version_info', 'scrollDocument', 'selectObject', 'selectText', 'selectionCount', 'sentToLayer', 'setActiveLayer', 'setColumnGap', 'setColumns', 'setCornerRadius', 'setCursor', 'setDocType', 'setFillBlendmode', 'setFillColor', 'setFillShade', 'setFillTransparency', 'setFont', 'setFontSize', 'setGradientFill', 'setGradientStop', 'setHGuides', 'setImageOffset', 'setImageScale', 'setInfo', 'setLayerBlendmode', 'setLayerFlow', 'setLayerLocked', 'setLayerOutlined', 'setLayerPrintable', 'setLayerTransparency', 'setLayerVisible', 'setLineBlendmode', 'setLineCap', 'setLineColor', 'setLineJoin', 'setLineShade', 'setLineSpacing', 'setLineStyle', 'setLineTransparency', 'setLineWidth', 'setMargins', 'setMultiLine', 'setNewName', 'setPDFBookmark', 'setProperty', 'setRedraw', 'setScaleImageToFrame', 'setSpotColor', 'setStyle', 'setText', 'setTextAlignment', 'setTextColor', 'setTextDistances', 'setTextScalingH', 'setTextScalingV', 'setTextShade', 'setTextStroke', 'setUnit', 'setVGuides', 'sizeObject', 'statusMessage', 'textFlowMode', 'textOverflows', 'traceText', 'unGroupObject', 'unlinkTextFrames', 'valueDialog', 'warnings', 'zoomDocument', '\xb0']

Then, use the built-in help method to find out how to use these methods:

from scribus import *

Help on built-in function newDocument in module scribus:

    newDocument(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber, unit, pagesType, firstPageOrder, numPages) -> bool
    Creates a new document and returns true if successful. The parameters have the following meaning:
    size = A tuple (width, height) describing the size of the document. You can use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type> e.g. PAPER_A4 etc.
    margins = A tuple (left, right, top, bottom) describing the document margins
    orientation = the page orientation - constants PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE
    firstPageNumer = is the number of the first page in the document used for pagenumbering. While you'll usually want 1, it's useful to have higher numbers if you're creating a document in several parts.
    unit: this value sets the measurement units used by the document. Use a predefined constant for this, one of: UNIT_INCHES, UNIT_MILLIMETERS, UNIT_PICAS, UNIT_POINTS.
    pagesType = One of the predefined constants PAGE_n. PAGE_1 is single page, PAGE_2 is for double sided documents, PAGE_3 is for 3 pages fold and PAGE_4 is 4-fold.

    firstPageOrder = What is position of first page in the document. Indexed from 0 (0 = first).
    numPage = Number of pages to be created.
    The values for width, height and the margins are expressed in the given unit for the document. PAPER_* constants are expressed in points. If your document is not in points, make sure to account for this.

    example: newDocument(PAPER_A4, (10, 10, 20, 20), LANDSCAPE, 7, UNIT_POINTS, PAGE_4, 3, 1)

    May raise ScribusError if is firstPageOrder bigger than allowed by pagesType.

The work flow

In general, you basically follow the same work flow as you would when using the UI. For example, here is the script I wrote. It reads information from a file and creates pages with this data:

July 2015

Name 1
ID 1

Name 2
ID 2
from scribus import *

# Create a new document with the required sizes, orientation, margins and so on.
if newDocument((148,210), (10,10,10,10), LANDSCAPE, 1, UNIT_MM, NOFACINGPAGES, FIRSTPAGERIGHT, 1):
    # Some constants required to place my text
    spy=29 + 4

    # Oh look! A select file dialog!
    selectfile = fileDialog("Select file")
    # Open the file
    file = open (selectfile,"r")

    # Read the first line
    date_year = file.readline()
    date_year = date_year.rstrip('\n')

    while 1:
        name = file.readline()
        number = file.readline()

        if not name:

        if name == '\n':

        name = name.rstrip('\n')
        number = number.rstrip('\n')

        # A text box
        name_box = createText(spx,spy,width,height)
        # Add some text to the box
        setText(name, name_box)
        # Modify the text properties
        setTextAlignment(ALIGN_CENTERED, name_box)
        setFont("DejaVu Sans Book", name_box)
        setFontSize(13, name_box)
        setLineWidth(0, name_box)

        number_box = createText(spx,(spy+height),width,height)
        setText(number, number_box)
        setTextAlignment(ALIGN_CENTERED, number_box)
        setFont("DejaVu Sans Book", number_box)
        setFontSize(13, number_box)
        setLineWidth(0, number_box)

        month_box = createText(spx,(spy+(2*height)),width,height)
        setText(date_year, month_box)
        setTextAlignment(ALIGN_CENTERED, month_box)
        setFont("DejaVu Sans Book", month_box)
        setFontSize(13, month_box)
        setLineWidth(0, month_box)

        # Create a new page
        name = ''
        number = ''

    # Save the document
    saveDocAs("blue-cards-" + date_year + ".sla")

Of course, you can do a lot more - you'll have to look at the documentation and some example scripts to get a hang of it. Be careful when looking at the examples though, they may not all be up to date. Since you can use pure python methods and so on, the scripting support lets you automate all sorts of tasks - create flyers and brochures and so on. Here's a list of things made with Scribus - you can set up the layout manually and then supply the text from files using a script, for example.

A last note - Scribus isn't visible in Gnome Software at the moment - the icon size is too small. There's a bug filed about this already. You'll have to use the command line to install it:

sudo dnf install scribus


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