Mon 15 June 2015

pdfpc - A presenter console with multi-monitor support for PDF files

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I had a presentation to make and while LaTeX and Beamer make it very easy to make multi-monitor presentations with notes and so on, I couldn't find a PDF viewer for Linux that would project the files correctly. Evince doesn't seem to have the feature, and none of the other ones I tried had it either. After some looking, I found pdfpc. It works really well and is actively developed. Take a look at the website here. I've packaged it for Fedora already but haven't submitted a review ticket yet. While I do, and the new package ticket is reviewed and the package installable from the Fedora repositories, you can get it from the copr repository here.

$ sudo dnf enable copr ankursinha/pdfpc
$ sudo dnf install pdfpc

# To use it
$ pdfpc pdfpc-demo.pdf

# Also look at the man page
$ man pdfpc
pdfpc screenshot

I'll update the post once the package is available in Fedora. Cheerio!

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