Thu 28 May 2015

Appstream data for RPMFusion - now available!

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I've been working on generating appstream data for RPMFusion packages recently. At the moment, since only Fedora packages provide appstream data, only they can be installed using Gnome software - for RPMFusion packages, a user must use another package manager - DNF and so on. Considering that a lot of the packages in RPMFusion are media player front-ends and things, it'd make it a lot easier for users if these were also listed in Gnome software. I spent a number of hours today writing appstream data files for the RPMFusion packages - both in the free and non free repositories. I believe I've written appstream data files for all packages that could be listed in Gnome software now. (They're hosted here in the Github repository I set up for this purpose). I had already generated initial RPM packages for the free and non free repositories and submitted review tickets to RPMFusion. They're still unassigned, so if you are a package maintainer with a few free cycles, please consider reviewing them. They are really simple reviews.

I've now updated the packages submitted for review to use meta data from the new appstream information I wrote. A majority of the RPMFusion GUI packages are now included. You can install the RPMs from here:

If you'd like to use the terminal, you can run:

sudo dnf install

You'll need to kill and restart Gnome software to get it to load the new appstream data.

Now, for example, you can now install Mixxx from RPMFusion using Gnome software!

Screenshot showing Mixxx in Gnome software

or, you can pick which of the many Xine front ends that are available in RPMFusion you'd like to install:

Screenshot showing multiple Xine front ends available in RPMFusion in Gnome software.

The screen-shots are currently hosted on my fedora people space, but once the packages are added to RPMFusion, we'll probably move them there too.

Please note that I've written about a hundred appdata files at a stretch, so there probably will be a few typos, formatting errors, and so on in them. If you do run into any, please open a pull request at the Github repository and help improve them.

Since RPMFusion's package set is much smaller than Fedora's, and there aren't too many updates and things in general, I don't think the appstream data will need to be regenerated frequently - but I will update them once a fortnight, just in case.

Enjoy the amazing Fedora 22 release. Cheerio!

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