Sun 17 May 2015

Fedup to Fedora 22 - works like a charm!

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Fedora 22 is right around the corner. Some of us, the greedy ones, can't wait to get our hands on the new goodies. I've already gone ahead and moved three of my systems to Fedora 22! It's brilliant! I'm a Gnome 3 user - and the new Gnome 3.16 has some great improvements that make it even better to use!

The simplest way to upgrade to Fedora 22 is to use FedUp - the Fedora Upgrade tool. In the past releases, we've sometimes run into issues with FedUp, but this time, it's worked like a charm! I didn't have much trouble on any of my three systems. The only packages that required some fixing were ones from RPMFusion, since RPMFusion hadn't published packages for Fedora 22 yet. They've done so for the free repository, and have setup the system so that the nonfree repository, while empty, doesn't cause errors.

I wouldn't suggest upgrading to Fedora 22 just yet - I'd suggest waiting for the release on the 26th - it's just around the corner. Any small kinks that are around now should also be fixed by then!

If you run into any issues related to Fedora, you can get help from the community at Ask Fedora!

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