Wed 25 June 2014

Released the code I wrote for my masters research

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In this week's research group meeting, I asked my supervisor if I could finally release the source code that I'd written during my masters for my thesis. Generally, research code is kept private until the papers related to it have been published. Since both my papers have been accepted at conferences coming up in the near future, my supervisor said it was OK to finally turn the code public. I haven't picked a license for it yet - all I've requested is that my papers be cited. The data bags that I'd used to generate my results are too big to upload - sometimes a couple of Gigs, so I haven't been able to upload them.

The code can be found here: I generated doxygen documents for my code too. This can be found here:

The code is a ROS implementation of head direction and grid cells, as the papers document. I'd begun implementing place cells, but I ran out of time in my master's course.

More on my research here:

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