Mon 26 August 2013

Monitoring your Fedora tasks on the IRC

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This is probably common knowledge by now, but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

Fedmsg is a great method that infra uses to get updates on what's going on in Fedora. One can use the gnome shell extension to get a set of updates from it. I don't use the extension though, since I'm almost always on IRC. Here's how to do it on IRC:

  1. Join the #fedora-fedmsg channel on Freenode
  2. Configure your IRC client to highlight your FAS username. On
    irssi, this can be done using the hilight command:

/hilight USERNAME

You might need to save your config so this happens when you quit and reuse irssi:


That's it. Get updates. Here's an image of two messages on one of my builds:


As an extra, you can use the irssi-notify to get notifications whenever something is highlighted in irssi.

Have fun!

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