Mon 03 June 2013

A small Ask Fedora update and request for more community participation

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Status update

For any one who doesn't already know, Ask Fedora is our community based troubleshooting that's an askbot instance. Along with #fedora on Freenode and, Ask Fedora is one of the channels where users can get help from us.

We've been working on improving Ask Fedora from infrastructure wise. Recently, we changed the mail back end to use django-post-office to speed it up a bit. A lot of other improvements are in the pipe line too. We'll push them out as we find more cycles to implement them. The staging instance has a great theme which I'm looking to apply to the production instance sometime soon.

Call for more participation: 15 minutes a day!

At the moment, Ask has a lot more users that aren't Fedora people, generally folks new to Fedora, our end users. There aren't enough community folks answering the many many questions that end users ask. In the absence of community participants, end users ask and answer each others questions. Since they're not as aware of the workings of the community, the changes in each release, even bugs that are already filed, their answers are very very general. These answers don't have links referenced, they are sometimes inaccurate. All in all, they're not at the standard I'd personally like them to be. Ask Fedora is one of the simplest channels where end users get in touch with the community. It's pretty important that we have a good database of questions and a high standard of answers. It's even more important that we ensure that the answers there are correct. With this in mind, I request all of you, to spend fifteen minutes a day answering questions at Ask Fedora. That's more than enough, specially if a majority of us do it.

If you have any suggestions, please open a ticket at the infra trac instance against the "Ask" component.

Ask fedora guidelines

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