Wed 15 May 2013

It's always the right time to join Fedora and start contributing!

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It always is! Always! ALWAYS! *ALWAYS!*

It doesn't really matter how old you are. It doesn't really matter what you studied at school or what you majored in. If you're looking to learn a lot of new cool stuff, and meet amazing (knowledgeble and fun!) people in the process, just sign up.


Where should you start? Who should you talk to? Should you take up this task, or that one, or that one? Should this be done like this? There's a plethora of questions newbies run into.


Sometime back, some of us got together and started the Fedora Join SIG to help anyone who'd want to join the Fedora community hop on to the bus. Being a newbie can be frightening. The Join SIG is a channel where experienced contributors can help newbies get through this phase. We've set up a mailing list and an IRC chat channel.


If you're a contributor, join the SIG and help us help prospective contributors. If you're looking to join Fedora, come talk to us!

Nitesh did an awesome job with the artwork for us! Thanks a bunch Nitesh!

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