Thu 14 March 2013

Adding version control to nautilus

Posted by ankur in Tech (184 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

On my previous blog post, a comment pointed out that nautilus has limitations for developers since it doesn't have version control support. I found rabbitvcs on digging up, and it works really well. This post is intended to just get it a little more visibility. Here's how to set it up on Fedora:

sudo yum install rabbitvcs-nautilus # Yep. That's it.

Fire up nautilus after this, and navigate to a git repository. You'll see a different icon set, showing what status your files in the repository are in. Right click and use the rabbitvcs context menu. The screen-shot below shows me using it to see the git history of the aeskulap package in fedora git.

I still use the terminal for my git purposes, but quite a few folks do prefer the GUIs. Rabbitvcs should work well for them. It also has support for other version control systems, svn etc., but I don't really use anything other than git and haven't had a chance to check them out.

EDIT: rabbit vcs doesn't work with nautilus in gnome3.8. There's a bug, and a patch filed here