Wed 23 May 2012

FUDCon Kuala Lumpur Day 2

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Day 2 was the last day at the conference. We woke around 0700 again, which is pretty early for me. I struggled to get ready and grab a bite of breakfast before running into the bus that would drive us to the venue.

Initially, the second day was to host pre-planned sessions. This proceeded until lunch, after which everyone unanimously decided to make it a barcamp style session again. I didn't have a talk on this day. Both my sessions had finished on day 1. On the second day, I was going to run around and attend sessions!

I sat in Praveen's RPM packaging session to start with. Quite a few people had turned up. However, a majority of them weren't fedora users, so the packaging bit was going a little over their heads. Uhm, a lot over their heads actually. Praveen finished in 20 minutes. The time alotted to him was an hour! Christoph was to take a session on advanced packaging, but he was still working on his slides. I filled in for a bit, and gave the audience a very very very high level summary of packaging. For instance, while explaining the spec file, I blah-blahed most of the parts. I just explained what goes on, without going into any specifics at all. They appeared to absorb some of it. I finished up and ran to level 2 to attend Aditya's talk on puppet.(He's uploaded the slides here) I had attended an IRC session Aditya had taken on puppet a while back: everyone other than me had gotten puppet to work. So, I wanted to attend this second session in the hopes of getting it to work. During the talk however, I realized that puppet isn't a lot of use for non sys admin users. I mean, I don't need puppet to control my 3 or even 4 systems. It doesn't quite make sense to take the trouble. It's my opinion really. One might choose to use puppet even for two systems. I recorded the session. If you're interested, you can see it here at After puppet, I ran to attend the session on oVirt that "wariola" was taking. Again, a video is available here at It was a most interesting talk. There was a lot of cool stuff that he showed. I'll nudge him for the presentations and put them up someplace. This was followed by a quiet lunch.

The post lunch program was re-planned into barcamp format. So, we had pitches and voting. The first session was on some "User issues with gnome3" or something. I sat there and listened. Personally, I felt the session was a huge waste. It was like one of those rants and crib sessions where one just keeps on pointing out his problems and follows them up with "someone should do this, I'd like that". Well, you only get your solutions when that "someone" is you. Talking about it, and making jokes to an audience, ninety percent of which have never used Fedora isn't going to do anything. I didn't speak at all during the session. I kept quiet. I've learnt to not participate in such debates. I shan't say anymore about it.

I walked out of the above mentioned session and went back to the main auditorium for Izhar's talk on LXC. I've uploaded a video of this too at He was clearly unprepared for it. With all the organizing he was running around doing, no one really pestered him for not having slides etc. ;)

Post tea break, we had the keynote. I've put up whatever bits and pieces of it that I recorded. Abu Mansur put forward some really interesting opinions and thoughts. It was a good keynote. I'm glad I attended it.


Two Samsung galaxy tabs were given out in a lottery after this. I didn't get any :(. However, both winners were from the organization team. Christoph correctly remarked that each person in the organization team would've been given one if we could afford it. Photo sessions followed. Team photos, and the FUDCon collective photo were taken. Folks had to leave already, and the parting began. It's a part of life really, and I'm used to it. I still wished the conference would last longer and that more folks had made it really. Anyway, no one cried :P


Back to the hotel, food, drinks, bed. The next morning Yogi and Dean escorted us to the train station where the train would take us to the LCCT. Flew home. The.. end.