Sun 29 April 2012

Cast your vote!

Posted by ankur in Tech (175 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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Well, eventually, that is. There's a lot to do before you can cast your vote for the Fedora Elections! If you missed Robyn's email, here are the seats available this election:

According to the election schedule, it's time to get your questions in for the prospective candidates!

For those who intend to stand in this election, it would be really good if you could update your user pages on the fedora wiki with as much information as possible. If folks don't know what you've been upto, they probably won't give you their valuable votes. ;)

For everyone else, this is a great chance to get to know your fellow Fedora contributors! The questionnaire gives you the chance to squeeze details out of the nominees. This will eventually help you give your votes to the candidate you feel is most deserving. Don't miss this opportunity! Your deadline for submitting questions for the questionairre is May 8.

Happy voting!

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