Wed 25 April 2012

Updating byobu

Posted by ankur in Tech (149 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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Byobu in fedora hasn't been updated in a while. The current fedora version is 4.4, while upstream has moved on to 5.17. That's quite a lag we have. There's a bug filed requesting an update by Upstream release monitoring, but it hasn't received any human responses at all! It was filed in October 2011. Since I use byobu, 24x7, I've gone ahead and taken the initiative to update the package and submit the specto the maintainer in the bug. I hope to see it updated soon. I've done a scratch build, you can use the noarch package if you are in a hurry like me. The srpm is available here, so you can build it for your fedora version too.

I'm not well versed with byobu internals really, so if you do find any issues with the updated package, please comment on the bug and let the maintainer know.

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