Tue 14 February 2012

Gnote, Snowy, Tomdroid

Posted by ankur in Tech (228 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

I had earlier posted on keeping your notes in sync with your android phone. This involved an ftp client and a tiny shell script. I've run into Snowy recently, and I think it would be great to have an instance on fedora infra for the community. If you haven't already, this post tells you how you can use Gnote to organize your life a little bit. It works really well for me, so I really suggest you try it out.

I haven't had the chance to try Snowy out yet. It's still at beta, and the instance gnome is runningis by invitation only. I'm going to try playing around with it a bit. If you're interested in helping me get this running on fedora infra, do mail me at ankursinha AT fedoraproject DOT org.

This could also help upstream fix bugs, and maybe we could write them a few patches too! It's all Python-Django by the way :)

Tomdroid just hit 0.5. It's still pretty beta, and is read only. It's moving along well really, and I'm more than happy to just have my notes on my phone to keep a tab on what I need to do and what I've done already. A public snowy instance would help to alleviate the pain that Tomdroid release's read only nature may cause.

Here's a Tomdroid screenshot to whet your appetite!