Fri 09 December 2011

A Fedora Classroom on VIM.

Posted by ankur in Tech (117 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

I intend to hold a classroom session on VIM on Tuesday, December 13 at 2000 UTC. Please mark your calendars. :)

To convert it into local time, you can run the following command in your terminal:

date -d '2011-12-13 2000 UTC'

The session will be at #fedora-classroom on Freenode. It will concentrate on teaching people how to use VIM correctly, not the way most people do -> in insert mode ;). It's a beginners' session, so we'll start from scratch. We'll try to keep in within an hour.

** Prerequisite: please install vim, vim-X11, vim-outliner

su -c 'yum install vim vim-X11 vim-vimoutliner'
For more information on Fedora Classroom sessions, please refer to:

Edit: corrected date!

Edit: Corrected package name