Tue 04 October 2011

FTP usage

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At the end of my last post, I had mentioned that a combination of swiFTP and ftp is  a convenient way of syncing your notes. Now, I make it even easier! Write a script like so:

cd ~/.local/share/gnote/

ftp -n $1 2121 << EndOfCommand123
user myswiftpusername myswiftppassword
cd sdcard/tomdroid
put file1.note
put file2.note
put file3.note
put file4.note
put file5.note

exit 0

The explanation:

To run it, provide it with executable permissions (using chmod), and execute it after switching on the swiFTP server on your phone: ./ [ip of phone as reported by swiFTP]

One needs to first locate what files need to be synced. I grepped my note files to find out the ones that I need synced every night. You can also open them in a text editor. The .note files are really just xml files. For more ftp commands, please look at its manual.