Fri 30 September 2011

Using your gnotes on your android phone

Posted by ankur in Tech (310 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

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I recently came across this tutorial which dealt with using Gnote to unclutter one's daily notes. It really is a great post. I adopted the organizational scheme instantly. Now, being a curious person, I went hunting for ways to use these notes with my android phone. I've found a way which I'll detail below.

First, install Gnote. On a fedora system, this is as simple as

su -c 'yum install gnote'

Then, head to the android market, and install Tomdroid on your Android phone.

Here's what needs to be done:

  • Make your notes in Gnote. They are stored in ~/.local/share/gnote
  • Copy the notes to a tomdroid folder in your sdcard root on your Android phone. Create the folder if it doesn't exist by default.
  • In Tomdroid, hit menu to go to the preferences. Here, select "SD Card" in the sync preferences.
  • Get to the Tomdroid main screen, and tap the sync icon.
  • That's all!

That was part I. Here is part II: How to transfer your notes to your phone. Some of you might like to hook your phone up using the USB, but I find that just a tad bit tedious. I prefer using my wifi connection to transfer this data:

  • Install swiFTP.
  • Run it, start your server.
  • Use nautilus to connect to the server and move your files or the ftp command (man ftp) to send your files.
  • That's all!


  • Tomdroid is only a read only client now.
  • I'm not sure if Tomdroid even updates notes. You may have to delete all application data for Tomdroid before a fresh sync.
  • I haven't found a way to pin point what notes need to be copied. Their file names aren't based on the name of the note. I'm still looking for a way to do this. When I copy my notes now, I also happened to copy the templates.