Sat 20 August 2011

Fedora GSoC: Report

Posted by ankur in Tech (339 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

The soft pencils down date has passed. I'm to submit a report soon. I thought I'd blog one first ;)

Here's the complete package list that I've worked on, with their current statuses. There is a huge dependency chain here. Most of the packages require their build deps to be packaged first.

Package Status
Aeskulap Packaged
ANTs Spec in progress. Waiting on ITK.
bio-formats Spec in progress. Waiting on omero
bioimagexd Spec in progress
Conquest Patched makefile to add support for different data bases. Spec in progress
dcm4che Review in progress
dcm4che-test Packaged. Was required for dcm4che
elmer-eio Needs reviewer -
elmer-fem Needs reviewer -
elmer-elmergrid Needs reviewer -
elmer-hutiter Needs reviewer -
elmer-matc Needs reviewer -
elmer-meshgen2d Needs reviewer -
fiji Bad license. Review closed WONTFIX
freediams Review in progress -
FreeMat Review in progress -
freemedforms Packaged
Ginkgo-CADx Needs reviewer -
gnumed Packaged
GoFigure2 Needs reviewer -
klt Packaged. Build dep for VXL
kradview Needs reviewer -
ledgersmb Needs Reviewer - Took over review from Rakesh
libtpcimgio Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
libtpcmisc Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
mayam Waiting on dcm4che
metis Bad License. Review closed WONTFIX
mood-track Ruby package. I got no clue on how to do this. Later
nifticlib Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
omero Spec in progress. In dialogue with upstream
o-palm Needs reviewer -
opendental Mono package. Later
openemr Needs reviewer - Took over review from Rakesh
OpenHRE Spec in progress
OpenNL Packaged. Build dep for vmtk
OSGI-bundle-ant-task Packaged. Build dep for bio-formats
python-hl7 Packaged
tetgen Review in progress - Probably a WONTFIX. Bad license
toothchart Packaged
vmtk In review - Depends on vxl
xmedcon Packaged


Packaged: 13

In review (or needs reviewer): 16

Wasted: 2

The rest are still in progress: Either waiting for a build dependency to be approved, or in dialogue with upstream over the build process.

I've done a couple of reviews as well, swaps etc. but since they aren't all fedora-medical related, I won't include them here.

EDIT- Aug 21: Added links to bug reports needing reviewer ;)