Mon 15 August 2011

Fedora GSoC: Week 16

Posted by ankur in Tech (126 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

Week 16! Woah! That seems like a loong time :D

This week,Spotapproved my xmedcon package. In the process, he even patched libtpcimgio and libtpcmisc to generate shared objects. (It took him all of 5 minutes!) Thank you spot!! Now that xmedcon is packaged, Susmit can go back to completing the amide package. That's one more package for the fedora medical initiative.

I've been working on gnumed-client. I've already received a review. I'm just working on the fixes.

ANTs was on my list too. Unfortunately, it requires ITK version 4. Version 4 is still unstable and the ITK maintainer, Mario, suggested we stick to 3.2.0 for the time being. ANTs will therefore have to wait a bit.

I think that's all for the week.

Happy Independence day!!