Mon 01 August 2011

Fedora GSoC: Week 14

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A quick update (My internet subscription at home lapsed and I'm posting from office!)

This week was pretty constructive. I'm still working with Orion on fixing the DCMTK.cmake file. I need ITK to test Ginkgo-CADx but it's breaking in mock. Mario appears to be on vacation (where are you Mario!?) and I'm going to have to wait until he returns to get back on this.

XMedcon is progressing well. The last two build dependencies are in review. Richard's taken them up. They should be approved any time now.

I've checked out the latest revision of freemat which hopefully contains some fixes. I'll post the updated srpm today to tomorrow.

GoFigure2 upstream has been incredibly responsive. They've been making frequent releases with fixes as the review progresses (which is awesome!)

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