Mon 25 July 2011

Fedora GSoC: week 13

Posted by ankur in Tech (118 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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I only worked 4 days this week. I had to rush back to college for my evaluations and had to request Susmit to give me some time off to handle it. I just got back today. The first order of things was to push python-hl7 to testing. You can try it out using

yum install python-hl7 --enablerepo=u*g

Please do give it karma :)

Orion has pushed an update to cmake which corrects this bug. Mario appears to be away so I've requested Rahul to please bumpspec and rebuild gdcm for us. He's a proven packager :)

I'm getting back to my tasks now. The three day "vacation", if that's what we can call it, would hopefully help me work better :)

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