Sun 03 July 2011

Fedora GSoC: Week 10

Posted by ankur in Tech (394 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

Like I had said, I didn't try to package any new applications this week. (I did actually, but I haven't submitted any review tickets this week). This week was about working on the existing review tickets.

To start with, "toothchart" was reviewed and approved. I'm grateful to Mario Bl├Ąttermann, who swapped a review with me. I reviewed and approved **Bug 701079 (wmSun)** for him in return.

I've made a few changes to the elmer related suites. I followed Jussi's suggestion and removed the elmer metapackage. The elmer-fem package now provides elmer and requires the other tools. Please note that the updated elmer-fem package has not been put up for review yet. There were quite a few rpmlint errors, and I've e-mailed upstream to try and solve these before I submit a new package.

Richard has begun to review the aeskulap package for me. The build process requires calling autoconf which is advised against in the guidelines. One of the solutions listed on the same page, suggests running autoconf locally and then generating a patch. This worked for me on F15, but failed for Richard on his F14. I think I'll have to fall back to calling autoconf in the spec here. I'll write a mail to the devel list requesting input tonight.

I ran into FE-LEGAL issues with a few packages this week. Metis is non free, and I had to drop the review. I'm building elmer without metis support. Upstream suggested it. I had to let go of tetgen as well. Fortunately, tetgen isn't a build dependency for any of the packages. Tetgen was a little frustrating. The license is mainly the MIT license with one addition. The one line addition is enough to make it non FOSS :/

I submitted a fresh srpm for freemat with corrections. The only rpmlint errors are "incorrect-fsf-address" errors which I've mailed upstream about. It should get approved soon.

The kradview package looks good too. I hope it's on the verge of being approved.

I had an hour or two extra on my hands one of these days. I used this to patch the Makefile to generate shared objects for klt. The package looks good too, reviewer needed.

What you'll notice from all these packages is that they're waiting for someone to review them. If you have time, I'll be more than happy to swap reviews with you!!