Sat 18 June 2011

Fedora GSoC: Week 8

Posted by ankur in Tech (275 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

One cannot have a better work environment than to be at home with a singular task to focus on. I worked quite a bit this week, and I'm still neck deep in work. As lot of the work is to do with fixing upstream source, rather than packaging them up and submitting reviews. Apparently, a while ago, people preferred using static libraries to shared objects. I've come across four libraries in the past two days that only provide static libraries. As per the fedora guidelines, if upstream only provides static libraries, it is okay to package them up for fedora. However, it isn't suggested. As for now, I'm going to package the upstream sources as they are, with the static libraries. A lot of applications that I need to package for my fedora medical GSoC project are in the queue, and these libraries are acting as bottle necks. Once all these applications are packaged, I'll spend time on correcting these libraries and sending patches upstream.

This weeks work list:

  1. Susmit took over ledgersmb which I'm reviewing.
  2. I communicated with Freemedforms and freediams upstream Eric, and luckily got replies. Fixes coming up :)
  3. I submitted klt for review.
  4. I submitted nifticlib for review.
  5. I submitted libtpcmisc and libtpcimgio for review.
  6. I submitted xmedcon for review. Amide depends on this.
  7. I submitted tetgen for review.

The irony is that out of the packages that I submitted for review, 90% are merely build dependencies. Until these pass review, the actual software on the list are stuck. And yes, we need more reviewers. These review tickets aren't much use if you folks don't review them :D

Have a great weekend!