Sun 05 June 2011

Fedora GSoC: Week 6

Posted by ankur in Tech (231 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

Since dcm4che-test was approved last week, I spent most of the week on dcm4che. It was a much larger package than I had expected with 30+ jar files (which implies 30+ pom files). The thing about java packaging is that one needs to manually install the generated jar files and the pom files. After installing the pom files, one also needs to look at each one individually and add them to the maven depmap. I think I've done it correctly, but the reviewer will decide on that :)

I'm working on kradview currently. The spec is almost complete.

I have a bare spec for conquest too. Unfortunately,  it has a bunch of bundled libraries and doesn't use a build system at all. This makes it a tedious software to package.

The freediams spec was finished two weeks back. Volker pointed out that it has a bundled quazip library which needs to be replaced with fedora's version. I'm working on it. The spec looks really ugly with patches and sed commands which I've inserted to remove the bundled quazip from the project build files now. I'll try and clean it up once I can get it to build correctly.

I reviewed and approved the gnumed-server package for Susmit earlier. He's now going to work on gnumed-client.

It was a decent week. Dcm4che was the "big one" really. Time to get back to work :)