Mon 30 May 2011

Fedora GSoC : Week 5

Posted by ankur in Tech (273 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

I did quite a bit of work this week. I really did :P

dcm4che is finally on the verge of packaging. It builds correctly, and there's a minor glitch in the javadoc generation which I think would be corrected in a day or two. It's build dependency, dcm4che-test has almost passed review. Mario has been awesome enough to review the package for me, and the final version with tweaks is building on mock as I type! I really must thank Stanislav Ochotnicky over at #fedora-java who had the patience to almost walk me through Java packaging. Even though I've been a fedora packager for more than 3 years now, I had never packaged a Java package, and knew nothing about maven and POMs. The folks at the fedora-java mailing list have been very very helpful. (Thanks Alex!) I wouldn't have managed to package up dcm4che without all their help.

In other news, Susmit (my mentor along with Mario) is going to send me a list of already packaged software that would enable me to create the comps group for fedora medical. I had mailed the -devel mailing list a while back to give them a heads up. As soon as I have the list, I'll make the required changes and send the diff to the list for review.

I had planned to package up GinkoCADx this week but it's build dependencies, namelyITK and VXL, are both under review. Mario's updated the packages and they'd probably be approved in a day or two.

We've picked up momentum, as the critical build dependencies are packaged  up, it'll take us less time to package the rest. :)