Sun 15 May 2011

Fedora GSoC : Week 3

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SO! We are picking up steam! This week was way more constructive than the last one.

To start with, I finished updating the wiki pages, which was pending from last week. Following this, I went ahead and tried packaging dcm4che and mayam. These are both high on the priority list. dcm4che is just a little stuck. There are some test images that are build dependencies for the package. As per fedora policies, these must be built from source, and, sadly enough, I can't find the source. Mayam in turn, depends on dcm4che, and therefore will have to wait.

Top on my TODO list for this week is to mail upstream and get sources for the test images, so we can move the dcm4che packaging (and mayam) along. I'm going to accept other tickets and start writing up specs. This will give us a much better idea of what other builddeps we need packaged.

The board elections are coming up, and all my votes are going to my friend EvilBob (Robert 'Bob' Jensen for those who don't know)!! He's an absolutely amazing person and I can't help looking up to him for this and all his contributions to Fedora and FOSS!


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