Sat 16 April 2011

Task updates

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I've been trying to change my workflows/schedules etc. to fit in more and more work in the 24 hours of the day. I must say, there has been some improvement. I've also come across posts such as this one which are on the same theme. Having said this, here's what I've been upto!

My internship at the IISc continues. The professor wanted to submit a paper to one of the conferences, and I was busy all of past week generating graphs (using GNUPlot) , metrics and the rest. Till now, all my tasks have been those of a technician. However, since this paper submission is done, I expect to get some first hand research work. AWESOME!

My contribution to Fedora continues. (I wouldn't want to give this up, even if it's just one package review a week!). I have a few packages in the review queue crawling along. I also submitted a proposal for the Fedora GSOC program. Let's hope it gets selected. Fingers crossed!

Other than that, I've been teaching myself more and more C++, and I've been practicing questions off the google code jam. I've solved quite a few. I'm trying to keep it to one question a night. There are a few questions that beat me (obviously!!), but on the whole, I've improved which makes me happy!

Rahul from fedora India sent me a 100 DVDs which I could use to send out free-media. As a result, I've accepted more requests (almost 20), and I'll try to send them out this week before accepting more. The thing is, once F15 releases, these F14 media won't be used for free-media any more, so I am going to finish these off before the F15 release.

I tried out the gnome-shell preview on F14, and really, I like it! I'm waiting for the F15 beta release on  Tuesday to update my system and join the Lovelock bandwagon!

Phew, now that you look at it, it seems like quite a bit of work. <pat on the back!>

All of this was about most of my work, now the fun part. Today's evening boasts of not one but TWO amazing football matches! The FA Cup semi final at Wembley featuring Manchester United and Manchester City is a must watch! "UNITED!!!!" . If this wasn't enough, the Spanish La Liga hosts one of the many up coming "El Classico"s tonight when Real Madrid take on FC Barcelona! What more could a football lover want?

To end my post, I have a 3 day trip to Pondicherry lined up next weekend. Good Friday's a holiday, so we're going to try and make most of the 3 day weekend.

Have fun folks! See you around!

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