Fri 14 January 2011

My first ever parking ticket

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This post is not fedora related.

Alas! I have failed to maintain my clean sheet!

The first thing that came to mind on noticing the missing vehicle was "God! It's been stolen!". Such an event occurring early in my life at Bangalore wouldn't have fit into my plans at all. It wouldn't have aided in digestion either.  An environment of panic followed before more people turned up with similar confused countenances. Then, an auto driver informed us that this was a "No parking zone" after the shops had closed and that our bikes had been towed away to the nearest police station. Weirdly enough, I had searched the location for a sign that said either "Tow away zone" or "No parking" and had failed to find one. I am very particular (or very scared) about such things. Well, what can one do? Nothing! You take a cab to the police station, pay the INR 300 fine and recollect your bike.

A 300 INR fine actually was quite a relief compared to a stolen bike. A lesson learnt : "A no parking zone implies you cannot park your vehicle there. However, the absence of a sign does not give you the permission to do so. Only park where you find a parking sign, not where you find parked vehicles. They'd all get towed away!"