Tue 28 December 2010

Fedora 14 on Christmas!!

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"Somethings are meant to happen".

My newly ordered laptop got held up at Calcutta due to some missing paperwork required by the authorities to let it enter Jharkhand state, where I reside. It was expected to take at the least a week more for the confusion to clear up. I was upset since all my work had stopped, Fedora and other wise. I had expected the laptop to be my new years buy. Fortunately enough, Blue Dart called me today saying I needed to go pick my system up. I was pleasantly shocked :)

The laptops here. In fact, it's what I'm typing on at the moment. Thank you Santa!!?! ^_^

I have pulled off the Ubuntu default installation they had provided to free my system with Fedora 14. Everything works great! The smolt page is here. I've filled it up as much as I can. Nvidia needed RPMFusion drivers, so did the Broadcom wireless. My finger print reader isn't supported by fprint as yet, and even though I don't use it much, I have submitted a plea to the fprint mailing list.

Deja-dup made setting up my user account a breeze and I'm going to dedicate a fresh blog post to that when I have some free cycles.


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