Sun 05 December 2010

Setting up irssi on Fedora.

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There are a lot of IRC clients that one can use. The more frequently used are X-Chat, Pidgin and irssi. Since I prefer to stick to the terminal, I user the GNU Screen + irssi combination. Screen is configured to automatically run irssi on start up, and irssi is configured to "autojoin" the respective fedora IRC channels, with password authentication. I'll spell out the steps.

Install irssi, screen:

Fire up a terminal and go:

$ su -c 'yum -y install irssi screen'

Once the install completes, proceed to setting them up for yourself.

Configure screen

I've put up a sample .screenrc file here. You can use it as a starting template. Place it as ~/.screenrc. Documentation on screenrc file options is here. Do replace the names etc. with your own ;)

Configuring irssi

I've also put up a sample config file for irssi here. This one is set up to auto connect to Freenode, auto join a bunch of Fedora channels, and also has quite a few aliases. Replace the <nickname> with your nick etc.before you attempt to run irssi. Your nick must be`registered`_with Freenode. The file needs to be placed as ~/.irssi/config.

Running irssi

Fire up a terminal and go:

$ screen

and it should work!

Extra commands

Some necessities to start you up with:

  • Once in screen, use Ctrl + a followed by a "?" to see the commands.
  • In irssi, Meta + <1 to 0> cycles channels in windows 1 to 10. Meta is usually the Alt key. Escape followed by a number works as well. For windows 10-20, use the qwerty row on the keyboard. Once can also use**/win <window#>** to change windows.

Added reading

Refer to these pages for detailed info :


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