Sun 28 November 2010

Text messaging woes

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Yes, it's a rant.


Recently, I came across this article on text-messaging, and how this simple method of communication was taking over the world with more and more users turning to their thumbs for communication. (I can't recall where I came across the article sadly).

Well, text-messaging might be taking over the world in interactive entertainment, but in my very honest opinion, it's still a crappy way of actually communicating with one another. Broadly speaking, its a connection less protocol. It lacks sequencing AND delivery is not guaranteed, neither is a time frame for delivery.(Added bonus: Operators make most of it when they surprise us by charging messages on random holidays without prior notice). It's really really REALLY irritating when messages land up in random order, or do not land up at all, or land up after half an hour during a conversation. You can't make out head to tail of what just happened! Let's not ignore misinterpretation of messages. It's highly unlikely that the sender and receiver read the message in the same way, the tones vary, the expression has to be assumed by the individual. Usually lands the two of you in the gutter. I can't really miss out on mentioning the weird messages you get when people don't understand that CAPITALS IMPLY SHOUTING. Messages from random acquaintances when they need you to run an errand for them are most special to me

I'm old school,. I prefer calling instead of texting (with rates in India, calling isn't expensive). Socially speaking, texting lets you stay in touch with a lot of people. So many people actually, that you really lose track of whose actually worth keeping in touch with, and whose an ass. Do me a favour, make a one minute call and tell the concerned person what you need to? Restrict messages to mass announcements which don't need ACKs, or for voting on your favouring TV show. Would do the world a lot of good. Actually saves time and work.

I feel better now..


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