Mon 27 September 2010

Another Fedora experience, a different Fedora experience

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Hello all, I received some feed back from one of the folks whose ticket I had accepted this month as a part of my free-media duties. It's another amazing experience that being a member of the Fedora community has earned me. I requested the sender to let me share this with the community and he graciously agreed.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
> To:
> Subject: please read
> Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 20:09:13 +0530 (IST)
> Dear sir
> I received fedora dvd sent by you on 22nd of this month.I greatly
> admire and appreciate your service to the computer world and people
> associated with it. Actually my friend gave me a dvd of fedora 10 and
> i was unable to install that fedora screen was displayed and the
> system just hangs that was the problem. I have a great zeal for new
> softwares and the attitude of microsoft towards its users in last few
> years mad me to think of switching over from windows to linux may be
> fedora help me out. Mean while I have sent an money order of rs 50
> from the address where i received the dvd that is ankur sinha XXXXX
> xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx. when i received the dvd and saw that
> the postage was payed by a person and not by a company i could'nt hold
> myself form sending back the amount payed by a nice person who wishes
> to serve people. I have no job for now and have some financial crisis
> or else i would have joined you in this noble work. keep it up.Human
> race needs people like you.great job. If you read this mail and
> receive the money i have sent please send a msg to xxxxxxxxx dont
> mistake me i have sent an emo and the postal department has not given
> any endorsment i wish the money reaches the right hand I can feel the
> trouble you are taking to serve
> thank you
> regards
> yous
> "xxxxx xxxxxxx"

I've of course, removed names and other details that I thought should not be posted in public.

It's a great great feeling when you receive mails like this. Join us at the free-media program and the next mail will be in your inbox :)

Have a great day!

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