Sat 17 July 2010

nutritional software for Linux

Posted by ankur in Tech (286 words, approximately a 2 minute read)

We coders/developers/geeks are lazy. It's no secret. We like to get maximum work done with minimum effort, which is beautiful. Being lazy, and busy at the internship, I wasn't getting much exercise. My internship finished two days back, and it's time for me to go home and get life back into some sort of organized state.

I have this habit. Whenever I begin something new, I like to make elaborate plans. (by elaborate, I mean ELABORATE). So I was thinking about what schedule I'd follow this semester, what academics and work I'd concentrate on and the rest. A part of this also happens to be what I'd eat , and what I'd do for recreation (guitar?, play squash? go skateboarding?). Now, for me, the worst time in college is MEALS. Why? Well, I've got to decide what I want to eat, (is it healthy?), where I want to eat, how much money do I have, who I'll call for company ?? You get the drift. Being lazy + addicted to planning, I decided to plan my meals and thus began the search for a diet/nutritional software.

I've found a few:

Nut and DMAK (Diet Monger Ass Kicker) are two that I'm looking into at the moment. I've submitted Nut for a new package review. DMAK needs the Euphoria programming language. I've mailed the devel list enquiring about the language. Lets see where it goes.

I also came across Tapeworm, but lack of sources etc. diluted my motivation to package it. It's upstream looks dead anyway.

Nut is a curses based application, while DMAK looks like a GUI application which would probably be easier to use for most users .

Do you know any others worth using/packaging? Please let me know!