Sat 17 July 2010

loki renamed "hleahtor"

Posted by ankur in Tech (121 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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I finally got down to work.

1st order of the day -> rename loki.

My first search gave me the answer. Loki will now be called**Hleahtor**. "Hleahtor" is a synonym for "laughter". It's archaic English and isn't used a lot any more. I am a hundred percent sure there isn't a software by this name anywhere ;)

I'm going to do some quick fixes before I put up a new release with the new name (It doesn't make sense to make a release ONLY for the renaming). I've received some recommendations/advice/feedback from folks. Now that I've gotten more time on my hands, I'll get down to working on loki/hleahtor again.

Thanks all who took the time to comment/try out the app. Cheers!

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