Thu 08 July 2010

meh... flash on 64bit , for chromium

Posted by ankur in Tech (126 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

There's an ongoing discussion on 64bit flash on the fedora-test list. I learnt that Adobe had yanked the 64bit flash plugin (*I call it "meh!!", and it will be henceforth referred to as "meh!!" in this post*). I went back to the fedora flash page on the wiki and installed the nspluginwrapper etc. to fall back to the 32 bit version of "meh!!". This works smoothly for FF, but didn't function on chromium. The wiki has a section for chrome, but that didn't work for chromium either. Googling gave me this, which does somewhat work. "Meh!!" crashes at times, but that is expected, right? I haven't added this info on to the wiki yet. Wasn't sure if it was permitted or if this method is correct.